This folder contains the proofs for the Music for Muscles event at Middlesex University. The images within the proofs folder are not to be saved, used, or shared and are for selection only. These images are for proofing purposes only and are not the same quality that final images will be supplied in. 

Selection Process 

Once you have gone through the images, write down the filenames of the images you would like to purchase. For instance, you may list the images as: 'MDUK1, MDUK2, etc' or alternatively 'MDUK1-25'. You may abbreviate this to just the numbers, such as '1, 2, 3, etc' or '1-25'. You may purchase as many images as you would like. Please note, while the photographs are generally in chronological order, the difference between multiple cameras has caused a slight mis-ordering. Be sure to look through all of the images to ensure you see all of your photos! 

Please then email me this list at:


Pricing for these images will vary depending on how many you order. 

1:  £10

2-5: £8/each 

6+: £6/each 


You are purchasing a personal and professional use license. You may use these within your personal and professional portfolios, social media, and promotional materials provided that you credit me with each usage. I will not watermark the final images, nor place a credit on the image.  Please be sure to credit me otherwise. Further information will be in the email delivering the photos to you. 

As this is a license, I will retain the copyright and portfolio and promotional rights. If you wish to purchase the copyright, please write to me ( and we can discuss. 


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me! 



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